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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Punjab's unemployment rate rises

Punjab's unemployment rate rises

Unemployment has increased in Punjab. According to CMIE, Punjab's unemployment rate is even higher than India's. In May 2020, the unemployment rate in Punjab has increased by 30.7 percentage points to 33.6%. In India, the rate is 23.5%. If we look at the rest of states, Jharkhand has 59.2%, Bihar 46.2% and Delhi 44.9% higher rates than Punjab. There are some states where the unemployment rate is lower than Punjab. Uttarakhand 8%, Assam 9.6% and Odisha 9.6% are among them.


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These are CMIE survey data.

 In April 2020, Punjab's unemployment rate was very low in the last 32 months. The rate was 2.9% in the CMIE survey in April 2020. The survey covers 43,600 households per month.


These figures show how much unemployment there is in Punjab. Although the government talks of door-to-door employment, the truth is clear from these official figures. The youth of our Punjab is becoming disoriented. With which they are going the wrong way.


The government makes huge gains with these young people to get votes but they are not fulfilled. 

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