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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Corona Virus India Update : Fresh 14,821 cases added

22nd June 2020

Corona Virus India Update : Fresh 14,821 cases added 


  • 14,821 new cases added in the tally.
  • one day death toll at 445.
  • 9440 recovered, and went to home.

  • Punjab crossed the mark of 4 thousands no of cases.
  • With new 122 cases, Punjab have total 4,074 cases.
  •  2,700 recovered included today's 22 patient. 
  • 1 patient loss his life to Coronavirus raises tally to 99.   


  • 412 new cases, total increases to 10,635.
  • 11 died, toll at 160 deaths in the state.
  • Today 429 recovered marked up to 5,557

20th June 2020

Corona Virus India Update : Record fresh cases of 15,413 added in last 24 hours 

Corona virus India Update 

  • In last 24 hours a record jumped of 15,413 in corona cases in India. 
  • 306 deaths recorded in last 24 hours.
  • With 13,925 recovered cases on day.
 Biggest junp in coronavirus cases in India on a single day is 15,413. With this biggest one day jump tally of corona virus cases in India cross the mark of 4 Lakh. Total cases registered are 4,10,461. Since the virus broken in India the cases increases daily, while the govts imposed lock downs.

In last 24 hours 306 deaths recorded. With this number of deaths India's death toll due to coronavirus raise to 13,254

With this bad news a good news be came.13,925 patient recovered in last 24 hours. Total no of cases recovered so far are 2,27,756.

Maharashtra, NCT of Delhi and Tamil Nadu recorded with highest number of cases 3,874 cases, 3,630 cases and 2,396 cases resp. 

Punjab had 120 new cases in last day with this total numbers of cases in Punjab become 3,952 whereas recovered cases are 2,678 with 42 recovered in last day. 6 patient loss their life, total deaths so far in Punjab is 98.

Haryana cross the mark of 10 thousands. With 480 new cases Haryana tally is 10,223. recovered 239 in last 24 hours, total recovered 5,128 and total deaths are 149 included 5 in last 24 hours

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