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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Is Punjab's water safe for drinking or not?

Is Punjab's water safe for drinking or not?

Punjab Gorund Water

Is there any house in cities which don't have water purifier?

Answer the question in comment section.

Is Punjab's water safe for drinking?
Why there is need of water purifier?
This question is automatically answering the above question.

In recent study it comes out that nearly  80%  samples of Punjab's water were unfit for drinking purpose. In Malwa region there is heavy metal found in water which is main cause of Cancer. According to a university research data 4 persons out of 10 have particles of heavy metal which causes cancer.

Recently MP from Sangrur Mr. Bhagwant Mann raised the issue of cancer in parliament during a session and demanded a Ayurveda University in Sangrur which is accepted by the Ministry of Health GOI. 

Punjab has no more safe water for drinking purposes.

How these heavy metals were added in groundwater?
It's all about a cyclic phenomena.     

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