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Thursday, June 18, 2020

PUNJAB And Its Ground Water Level

PUNJAB And Its Ground Water Level

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  • Is Punjab going to be convert in a desert? 
  • Is Punjab's ground water level decreasing? 
  • Are we over exploiting water resources? 

Like these there are many questions in yours minds. Today we will came to know the anwers of these questions.

According to a recent study, we came to know that Punjab is the state which over using the ground water and wasting  it most in Nation wise. so according to this in 2030 Punjab's nearly half of its area becomes desert. 

Recently Center and State announced many blocks and districts of Punjab as "Dark Zones". where water has been over - extracted and fallen below 200 Feet. SANGRUR, PATIALA and BARNALA are some districts which are under dark zones. Ground water level is measured as the level of "CHOA" a typical name in punjab's countryside. Some areas it is so worst below to 250 feet.

Nearly 18 BLOCKS of Punjab are classified as "dark zone" and govt bans ground water bore-wells.

MALWA region is the most affected area of Punjab.

  • How we reached this point? 
  • What are the factors which bring us here? 
  • What is the water quality? 
  • Is it safe for drinking or Not? 

we are discussing it below.

Click on the link below to get an answer of your question.

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