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Monday, August 17, 2020

Viral Video - Bollywood Stars Slapped In Public

 Top 7 Bollywood Stars Slapped in Public 

Top 7 Slapped in Public
Representative Pic Of Bollywood Stars Slaps

Govinda, Rakhi Sawant, Gaura Khan, Sharukh Khan, and Akshay Kumar Slapped in public

WE have seen many Bollywood stars who got angry on public stages and some times abuses. In this Post, Monster Thinks is going to show you a viral video of different Bollywood stars who slapped in public. Top 7 Bollywood Stars who lost their temper and slapped in Public.

Some of the stars are on public stages. Every day there are some ugly fights we see. 

Here is the collection of the stars fights and slaps in Public. 

Watch Viral Video of different stars who fight and slapped in public

Let's watch a viral video linked below:

Latest Bollywood actor slapped in public | Rakhi Sawant, Akshay Kumar, Sharukh Khan slapped

Video By YouTube Channel: Monster Thinks

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