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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Viral Video - You had never seen such Kutapa

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A Conversation Becomes a Fight Between Deep Ilahi And Some Singhs 

The video got viral of a person name Deep Ilahi and some Singhs on a certain issue. The heated arguments become a fight. According to visuals, some Singhs approached Deep Ilahi for getting his views about what he said on the Facebook platform through a video. But after some time argument becomes hot and Singhs start beating him. It becomes KUTAPA of Deep Ilahi. 

Watch the Full Video of KUTAPA of Deep Ilahi By Nihang Singhs Link given below.

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punjabi Kutapa

Nihang Singh did kutapa because he said something wrong about Baba Deep Singh Ji. After that, they start hitting him.
Kutapa by Nihang Singhs

Kutapa in Punjab

An FIR already booked against him. Punjab Police got him and started the further inquiry.

Singhs call the Police and police arrest Deep Ilahi on the behalf of Singhs report

Watch the video and check Why This Happened? 
How It Happened?

Watch the Full Video of KUTAPA of Deep Ilahi By Nihang Singhs Link given below.

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