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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Why Following a Billionaire routine will not make you a Billionaire?

 Here's Why? - Following a Billionaire routine will not make you a Billionaire 

Following a Billionaire routine will not make you a Billionaire

I am sure that you must have come across tons of articles, contents and posts that talk about how following A particular kind of routine will bring you a particular kind of result.


For example: Wake up 5 and do this, this and this and you will be a billionaire Or Eat such, such and such things and you will gain an ideal shape and strength.


It all sounds too fanciful and alluring that you just can't wait to follow these steps. However, all dreams come crashing down when you are not able to see the results that are promised or you just don't feel inspired to follow these steps after the 5th or 6th day.


Now if you are one these people, facing these kinds of dilemmas, don't worry, its not your fault. I am not saying this because you are reading this and I want you to feel good but I am saying what I feel is correct.

  Following a Billionaire routine will not make you a Billionaire - Monster Thinks

Like Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok not everyone has the same story 

Just because a particular person, following a particular routine has achieved a particular result doesn't mean it will also work for you because you are DIFFERENT. Yes, you are not that person. So your beliefs, sense of emotions, level of endurance, and quality of self-talk will be different from any other person and that is your super skill. Its that simple!


So if you are not a morning person, don't beat yourself to wake up at 5 AM. Your goal should not be to rise at 5 but to wake up fresh. This is why you need to eat right, this is why you need to exercise and meditate. You can very well wake up at 8 AM and manage your schedule with full energy and rigor.


Honestly, if you just manage a disciplined routine around the use of your mobile phone you will be able to take some time for exercise and meditate. Just because you read somewhere that you need a particular amount of water doesn't mean you should get obsessed with drinking water.


Our bodies are far more intelligent than our conscious sense. They are talking to us every single minute all we need is to pay proper attention to it. Your body will tell you when it needs food or water and in what quantity. So you don't have to worry about that.

 Twitter, Microsoft, and TikTok did not follow each other.

I will share with you only 2 mighty simple techniques that will help you achieve your goals. So are you ready?


Here it is:


1) Have a goal with a real sense of purpose:


Saying that i want a lot of money is a vague statement, universal alignments don't work on such statements. Put a real plan around what you what and most importantly WHY you want.


2) Design your own routine:


Who says only early risers achieve success. History is full of people who have attained their goal of working chaotic working hours. See what most people don't understand is, it's not about the time rather what you do with it makes the difference. So if you wake up at 5 only to waste an hour on Instagram better catch that one hour of extra sleep and give your mind a proper rest.


Monster Thinks say it again Following a Billionaire routine will not make you a Billionaire

then How will you become a Billionaire?

I will like to conclude by saying that you don't have to think like Warren Buffet to earn like him, rather you have to feel like your own self to stay happy in your life.

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