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Friday, October 16, 2020

Will 2021 of CBSE 10th exam delay because of coronavirus?

Postpone CBSE Board Exams 2021 to May, reduce the syllabus

Will 2021 of CBSE 10th exam delay because of coronavirus?

Will 2021 of CBSE 10th exam delay because of coronavirus?

Will 2021 of CBSE 10th exam delay because of coronavirus?

Delhi Government has written a letter to CBSE, asking the central board to reduce the syllabus further and delay the CBSE board examinations till May 2021.

Delhi Government has written a letter to the Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE, urging it to postpone the March 2021 Board Examinations to May. The state government has also asked the central board to consider reducing the CBSE 10th 12th Board Exam 2021 syllabus further, as the schools continue to remain closed due to the pandemic.


Schools in India have remained closed for nearly 7 months in this academic year. While the Central Government has now permitted the reopening of schools, states have decided to defer it. Many states, including Maharashtra, Karnataka, West Bengal, Odisha, etc. have decided to keep the schools closed, even for students of classes 9 to 12 till at least October 31.


With the schools closed, the Delhi Governments (where most schools are affiliated to CBSE) have written a letter, asking for more time before the Board Examinations are conducted. Delhi, too, has decided to keep the schools closed till October 31.


"Though online, semi-online teaching-learning activities are being conducted through live classes as well as worksheets or activity sheets but it cannot replace the physical classroom teaching-learning process," the DoE said in the letter written to CBSE.


"In order to provide students with a reasonable time to study in person in schools, it is requested that the on-going academic session be extended beyond March and CBSE board exams be conducted not before May, 2021. Consequently, the next academic session may commence from July, 2021," it added. Incidentally, the letter comes days after reports that CBSE and CISCE are mulling reducing the syllabus further and delaying the board exams by 45-60 days.


Furthermore, the government has also asked CBSE to consider reducing the syllabus further to accommodate the truncated classroom time. The board has also asked the CBSE Sample Papers 2021 (which were released last week) to be further revised as per the reduced syllabus.


"The CBSE had reduced 30 percent of the syllabus in all subjects in anticipation of the opening of schools in July but schools in Delhi are closed till October 31. It is also requested that sample question papers aligned with the further-reduced syllabus for the session 2020-21 maybe prepared as per the latest question paper design and made available for the students at the earliest," the DoE said.


"Practical and project work are an integral part of any subject that includes the assessment of desired skills and competencies. It is pertinent to give students hands-on practice for the same for a sufficient period of time. It is requested that the board may provide detailed guidelines regarding the conduct of these practical exams under such conditions or any other alternate mode to replace the practical part of the subject," states the letter.


CBSE Board Exams for classes 10 and 12 are conducted in the month of February to April. The board had revised the dates from 2019, to begin the Board Exams from February 15 instead of its customary March 1 dates. This year, however, there are wide speculations that the Board Exams may be pushed to May, to compensate for the closure of schools in the country since March 2020.

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